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Finding the Spark in the Plug

In Toronto, I could drive to Canadian Tire and likely find a spark club. That ease of purchase is a luxury here in GT (short for George Town). There is no Canadian Tire. First of all I do not have a car. As my outboard is not functioning I cannot just ride into town. I did try thinking my outboard would make it into town. I got 200 meters from the boat and it gave up. I had to row back which I took as my morning workout. Mark came to the rescue and after buying him a Pain Killer at C&C he took me into town. Minn's and Top to Bottom did not have it. So had to take a taxi to Brown's Marina. The return trip was $40. Worth the investment because without a functioning dinghy you are.a prisoner on your boat.

Also picked up some automatic transmission fluid for the boat. Hopefully that fixes the issue with respect to lack of speed at high RPM. I stuck a magnet in the Transmission a and there were small bits of metal. So not sure if that is a bad sign.

I may have to exchange it once in Florida. All the things not currently working; controller for drone, the toilet, the transmission and the outboard. That is the shopping list of nautical dysfunction.

Upon getting back to the boat and pouring a very cold vodka tonic and filling it with ice I proceeded to change out the plugs on the outboard. I love ice. It has become a luxury in a cocktail. I have one ice tray and just keep making ice and filling a zip lock bag so I can have it on hand. Having a bag of ice almost seems like a sign of wealth. If you are on someone's boat and they offer you a drink, if there is ice on that drink then there boat is that much more of what is considered to be a yacht.

So I got the plugs in, the old ones looked like a wrecked car from a dumpster in comparison. I guess I was a bit of an optimist thinking the engine would run with rusty plugs. With a bit of starter fluid in the carb aka engine viagara the outboard finally did kick back to life and sustained an idle.

So now I have to decide if I wait here another week to have the toilet delivered. Or do I have it delivered to Nassau. I am not into staying in one place. I have been anchored in GT for almost 2 weeks since returning. Patrick at Peace and Plenty resort thinks I could run a succesful day charter business. I just feel the boat is pretty tired looking to take on guests. Certainly cannot do a charter without a toilet. Then there is the issue of no work visa. Not really into getting into trouble with the locals who are territorial over tourist dollars.

A Bahamian charter license is only 2k. Also need my USCG 6 pack which I plan on getting this Fall. And I have to figure out what to do with the house. The winds are blowing from the South, which makes sailing North easy. Never a good idea to travel against the wind. Makes for miserable sailing days. Always go where the wind is blowing you. I suppose a metaphor for life.


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