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Places to Go by Boat

Really Cool places to visit Around Toronto

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Anchoring at the Historic Lighthouse

Getting here involves a lovely meandering cruise through the island. There is a small bay at the end of the channel next to the lighthouse which is a perfect place to anchor. If guests wish, we can bring the bow of the boat right to the shore so guests can step off for a little exploring. The lighthouse is apparently haunted so be sure to come back!

Anchor off Ward's Beach

Wards Beach is a wonderful family Beach just beside the Eastern Gap. Generally it is a well protected anchorage so perfect place to anchor, go for a swim and enjoy the beach.

Anchor off Hanlan's Beach

Yes, Toronto has a clothing optional beach and I would have to say it is one of the best beaches to anchor and go for a swim, naked or otherwise. Beautiful sand beach extending on the entire west side of the island.