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A piano player with a sailboat
Sailing to exotic places
Performing concerts from the boat

This is where I share with you, the places I have sailed to, the people I have met, the experiences I am blessed with and the music I composed while on this journey.  

You'll never be completely ready or fully prepared to live the life you desire. The only way to do it is to take the leap. Fear is a powerful motivator. Despite my anxieties and practical considerations, I have cast off the lines and set sail, following the whisper of a voice within me telling me to set sail and play music. The fear of regret is greater than the fear of going itself. It's time to start living the life I have always wanted and be the man I wish to be. Put my piano on the back of the boat, plug in the speaker and microphone and start playing and singing my songs while at anchor in exotic places. The outcome is beautiful, unique and wonderful.  I hope my journey and music will help you listen to the soft whisper within you. 

Routes Taken

Toronto to Oswego NY

Distance traveled around 250 nautical miles. 

New York City to Norfolk Virginia

Lake Ontario provided us with a wild goodbye departure kiss. Left Toronto early afternoon for a 120 mile sail across. Arrived Oswego about 9am very cold wet and tired. Almost lost a forward deck hatch and endured headwinds of over 30kts and waves up to 8ft!  Removed masts in Oswego and then the journey of the 40 locks begins. Travelling the lock system of New York state is beautiful. Distance traveled around 450 nautical miles. 

Norfolk Virginia to Fort Lauderdale

After the threat of hurricanes finally abated I left Norfolk Virginia in October and began the long passage down to Florida through the Inter Coastal Waterway. A journey through very beautiful small towns, wonderful people and American History.  Every place I stopped, every person I met introduced me to the kindness of Americans and the charm of small town America.  A  rhythmicallay slow transformatitive journey both mentally and geographically. .Southward bound through meandering waterways, estuaries, channels, rivers all interconnected .  Slowly everchanging scenary,.  slowly transformed, the trees changed, concrete changed to sand dunes to  dolphins appeared playing in the bow wake, and suddenly there are palm trees. 

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