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Toronto to New York City

Lake Ontario provided us with a wild goodbye departure kiss. Left Toronto early afternoon for a 120 mile sail across. Arrived Oswego about 9am very cold wet and tired. Travelled through Oswego, Mohawk and Oneida Rivers.  Over 40 locks  traversed. 

422 Nautical Miles. 

New York City to Norfolk Virginia

Sailing before the statue of Liberty was incredible. Departed Sandy Hook sailing into the North Atlantic for the first time was daunting. Then down along the New Jersey Coast to Cape May. Rounded Cape May into the Delaware. Going through the C&D Canal takes us into the Beautiful Chesapeake Basin. Sailing South down the Chesapeake and finally arriving in Norfolk Virginia which is the start of the Inter Coastal Waterway.  

521 Nautical Miles. 

Norfolk Virginia to
Fort Lauderdale Florida

I set off from Norfolk, Virginia in October and embarked on a journey down to Florida through the Inter Coastal Waterway. This passage was a celebration of the beauty of small towns, the kindness of the American people, and the rich history of the country. Every stop and every person I met, introduced to the warmth of small-town America. The journey was both a mental and geographical transformation, with the meandering waterways and changing scenery shaping my perspective. As I traveled further south, the scenery changed from concrete to sand dunes, and the appearance of dolphins playing in my boat's wake signaled that I was no longer sailing in Lake Ontario The pace was slow, and the experience transformative.

974 Nautical Miles. 

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