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About Captian Dave

I I am writing this from my current anchorage in Florida. All of my experiences and deisions have resulted in me being here. Toronto Canada has been my home for the past 20 years. In September of 2022 I quietly untied the lines of my boat to the docks of the Toronto Multihull Club and embarked on a journey I have been wanting to do my whole life. 

 I will commence with where I was born, because that's where this current timeline begins. I was born in Amsterdam Holland. Raised in rural Ontario just outside of Bamberg which is mennonite country. Dad bought an old derelict, falling apart, nearly abandoned farm and that set the course for my formative years instilling independence, self reliance, and an ability for building and fixing things. 

Growing up in unusual surroundings and will generally result in creating an unusual person.  Looking back and seeing how most people grew up, I can say that my childhood was unusual. I have never worked for a company, sat in a cubicle or lead a 9 - 5 existence. I have Cross country skiing, a big old barn, a horse named Tanya, learning how to drive and fix farm equipment, far removed from a stereo typical urban childhood.  Living in such an isolated place meant that I spent much time alone. I also spent a lot of time playing the piano which would become the fabric of my life.

I play the piano. Music is the essence of my being. It is my raison d'etre. I am gifted with perfect pitch. I can play anything I hear. My first gig was at the Stone & Crock in St Jacobs when I was 14 years old. I played the old upright piano in the foyer while guests waited for a table. Then the Queens hotel in Wellesley which was a very colorful place with colorful characters. Playing live expanded my music repertoire, introduced me to wonderful people, gave me confidence. and the ability to connect.  Since the Queens hotel, I have performed music all over the world and travelled to many different countries. I pursued a degree in Music from Mcgill University, played on cruise ships, jazz festivals and scored music for over 100 films and television shows. Music is my raison d'etre.

Why do I like boats? Fixing broken farm equipment and solving problems prepared me for life on a boat. It was a book called Dove which hooked me onto sailing. Sailing encompasses all things that resonate with me. It will take you anywhere by harnessing the wind, it integrates many systems of which you have to be proficient electrical and mechanical.  You can go anywhere you like on a boat. Your home will never be in one place. The boating subculture is a supportive community that is what I consider family. Independent, autonomous, self reliant, creative, and autonomous defines and binds them all. 


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