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About Captian Dave

I am currently writing this bio from my anchorage in Florida, reflecting on the experiences and decisions that have led me here. For the past 20 years, Toronto, Canada has been my home. However, in September of 2022, I quietly untied the lines of my boat from the docks of the Toronto Multihull Club and embarked on a lifelong journey I had always dreamed of.

I was born in Amsterdam, Holland and raised in rural Ontario, just outside of Bamberg, nestled in Mennonite country. My upbringing was shaped by my father's decision to purchase an old, derelict farm on the verge of abandonment. Those early years instilled in me a sense of independence, self-reliance, problem-solving, and fearlessness when it came to fixing and improving things. These skills would prove invaluable as I pursued my passion for sailing.

Growing up in such unique surroundings inevitably shaped me into an unconventional individual. Looking back, I realize that my childhood was far from ordinary. My formative years were filled with memorable experiences like braving big snowstorms, cross-country skiing through fields and woods, seeking shelter in the open barn during summer thunderstorms, riding my beloved Palomino horse named Tania, driving tractors, and raising rabbits and sheep. Much of my time was spent alone, and nature was my constant companion. However, everything changed when I landed my first gig at the Stone & Crock restaurant in St Jacobs at the age of 14. Music became the catalyst that would shape my life and expand my universe in unimaginable ways.

Music is the very essence of my being and the driving force behind my existence. Gifted with perfect pitch, I can effortlessly play anything I hear. This talent allowed me to secure gigs as a piano player in various restaurants and bars, giving me a tremendous sense of self-worth, confidence, and an insatiable curiosity to explore the world and connect with people. I have performed music across the globe, traversing different countries, and pursued a degree in Music from McGill University. Along the way, I have played on cruise ships, jazz festivals, and composed scores for over 100 films and television shows. Playing the piano is my solace, my form of meditation. It is the language through which I express myself most authentically. I believe that as a child, I instinctively experienced music as a form of meditation—a gateway to losing oneself in time and space, allowing the universal energy to flow through my fingertips and transform into never before heard melodies. Music is truly my raison d'être.

Now, why do I have a deep affinity for boats? It all began with a book called "Dove," which captivated my imagination and sparked my passion for sailing. For me, sailing encompasses everything that resonates with my core being. By harnessing the power of the wind, sailing can take you anywhere. It demands proficiency in multiple systems, from electrical to mechanical. It grants the freedom to explore boundless destinations. The boating subculture, which I consider my family, is a supportive community that embraces traits like independence, self-reliance, creativity, and autonomy—qualities that define and unite us all.

As I continue my journey, both in music and sailing, I am grateful for the diverse experiences that have shaped me and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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